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   Hydraulic and Pneumatic O Rings

Rubber 'O' Rings
Description : Our broad ranges of "O" Rings are extensively used as mechanical seal or gasket. They are designed to be seated in the groove and compressed during the seal. We offer custom designed seals in standard cross-sections (imperial and metric) to any length or ID. The rings can be molded or spliced to meet the exact specification of our clients. We also supply encapsulated 'O' rings that are coated with layer of another material at the top.
Quality Grade Advantage Standard O Ring Kits NBR 70 and NBR 90 are the Imperial (AS Standard) and Metric Sizes. All 'O' Rings are readily available in NBR/FPM material in AS 568, metric, P&G series standard. 'O' Rings Sealing compact set for general renew upgrade or repairing purpose.

Back-Up Rings
Application : Hard rubber molded contoured Back-Ups are routinely produced in a 90 durometer Nitrile and Viton. This provides sufficient elasticity to permit stretching over the major diameter of a piston and then snapping back into the gland groove cut into the piston. 90 durometer has sufficient hardness to resist extrusion of the softer elastomeric O-Ring performing the actual sealing function against the high pressure liquid or gas. Back-up Rings are used in conjunction with O-rings and seals for both static and dynamic sealing applications. They prevent extrusion of the O-ring or seal when it is subjected to high pressure, and/or larger extrusion gaps. The back-up ring should be used on the opposite pressure side of the seal. For seals that are exposed to pressure from both sides, two back-up rings should be used, one on each side of the O-ring or seal.

Rubber 'O' Ring Cord
Different Ranges : Customer dimension enquiry is acceptable. All O ring cords are readily available in 1.78, 2, 2.25, 2.62, 3, 3.1, 3.53, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.33, 5.5, 5.7, 6, 6.99, 8, 8.4 sizes in NBR/FPM/EPDM material.

Rubber Quad Rings
Different Ranges : AS568 series at material of NBR, FKM and EPDM. Customer dimension inquiry is acceptable.

'O' Ring Seals
Application : Our customized line of 'O' Ring Seals can be availed in different size options made of durable high-grade rubber. These are engineered to resist abrasion, tearing, ozone and weather-related aging and moderate resistance.

Last update : 3-11-2012