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   Rubber Bushes Grommets

Rubber Washers & Sealing Rings
Characteristics : To cater to the demands of different industries across the globe, we manufacture and export a wide range of industrial rubber washers & rubber sealing rings. Popular for better work performance due to excellent compressibility, our rubber sealing washers and rubber sealing rings are available at industry leading prices.

Custom Rubber Gromments
Application : Custom Rubber Grommets have found their application in many industries. These custom molded rubber grommets are used to reinforce teh hole, to shield something from the sharp edges of the hole, or both, We use a range of fine quality rubbers depending upon the end product and manufacture them in varied shapes and sizes.

Molded Rubber Grommets
Application : Sure to last for a long time. Rubber grommets are a great protection device because of being abrasion & tearing proof. Easily installable these grommets protect the wire, cable or hose from any damage like cutting and abrasion.

Seals Rings for Cable Gland
Application : Small sized Custom rubber grommets are engineered for fitting in a different sizes of cables and to provide them insulation and full safety.
Size 16mm to 50mm (OP & CL)

EPDM Rubber Washers
Characteristics : We have manufactured EPDM rubber washers for use in battery terminals prior to cover sealing to prevent lead running into the battery during post burning. The service temperature was between -55 degC and 174.9deg. C Corrosion resistance was the key requirement and the material must show no evidence of attack at battery condition oxidation, ozone, acids and alkali.